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Helping Others Live a Better Life: Wheels to Prosper

Wheels To ProsperImagine life without a car or reliable transportation. In today's world this means much more than mere inconvenience. Often one's survival depends upon access to a vehicle, whether it is getting to work, taking the kids to school, making it to a job interview, or simply picking up food for the family. The lack of adequate transportation creates hardships and real disadvantages for those who are already struggling.

At Hot Rod Dreamworks Collision Repair we have been very happy to be participating in a nationwide program launched in 2011 called Wheels to Prosper. This program awards a fully inspected, fully repaired car to a deserving individual, helping that person get back on his or her feet again.

If you would like to nominate someone for our next giveaway, please follow the instructions below and fill out our application form.

You can also help the Wheels to Prosper mission by donating a vehicle you no longer use or want.

Note: The Wheels to Prosper winner is responsible for tax, title, registration, and six months of insurance.

2nd Annual Car Giveaway

This Year's Winner

Wheels To Prosper Winner

And the winner of our Car Giveaway is... Kasandra Eatherton!

Kasandra is a single mom of 4 boys ages 9,7,4 and 1. She is currently going to school 5 days a week to get a good job so she can support them. She has a 4.0 and has been nominated by her teacher for special honors. She is working very hard to make a better life for her children and has been in need of a reliable vehicle! I can't think of someone more deserving. Congratulations Kasandra! We hope this 2001 Toyota Camry will make life a little easier for you!


Last Year's Winner

Wheels To Prosper Winner

Sergey immigrated to the United States in 1994 with his wife LLyuemila, 8 children, and his parents from Russian Republic of Georgia. A work related injury left him disabled & the political instability made Georgia an unsuitable place to raise his family. LLyumila found work at a hospital.

For the last 22 years they have gotten by on Sergey's disability payment from Georgia and LLyuemila's income. Last fall LLyuemila was diagnosed with terminal cancer and can no longer work. Six weeks ago their car stopped running. This left the family with reduced income, medical bills, and no transportation. This car gives them the ability to go places without borrowing from friends and family. We are proud to have the winner of our PT Cruiser go to such a deserving individual! Congratulations Sergey and family!