“It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel our car show this year. We hope to still have our car giveaway and hope you all stay happy, safe, and healthy this summer! We will see you next year for an amazing car show, until then we are still open & take can take care of all your collision & restoration needs!” -Sincerely, Jack

Our 5th Annual Car Giveaway!

Wheels To Prosper Hello, my name is Jack Brito. I'm part of a nationwide car giveaway and I'm looking for deserving people in our community for this giveaway. The car will be given away at our car show on Saturday, June 29th. The car show and car giveaway is at our shop, 24315 S Hwy 99E, Canby OR. We will be giving the car away at 11:30am.

In order to assist us in finding the right people, please send us full details about him or her. Tell us what distinguishes these people as major contributors to our community, their family or friends.

Hot Rod Dreamworks have received a 2007 Ford 500

If you know of a deserving person, please nominate them!
Please include
Their name, address, and phone number
Your name, address, and phone number
Why you believe the nominated person needs &
deserves this car giveaway!

Please send your correspondence to:
Email: hotroddreamworks@canby.com
Subject Line: Wheels to Prosper


Last Year's Winner is..
Kasandra Eatherton!

Wheels To Prosper Winner


Kasandra is a single mom of 4 boys ages 9,7,4 and 1. She is currently going to school 5 days a week to get a good job so she can support them. She has a 4.0 and has been nominated by her teacher for special honors. She is working very hard to make a better life for her children and has been in need of a reliable vehicle! I can't think of someone more deserving. Congratulations Kasandra! We hope this vehicle will make life a little easier for you!