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At Hot Rod Dreamworks, we leverage our combined 100+ years of restoration know-how to breath new life into classic automobiles. Whether your baby is a '55 Chevrolet Bel Air or a '65 Ford Mustang, we can make it look like it just rolled off of the line. We also offer mechanical repair services for classic cars of all makes and models. If you're going to pay good money for classic car restoration, you might as well get the best by choosing Hot Rod Dreamworks.

Our process

The restoration process is quite extensive. It is a process of finding any and all defects and replacing them, or often custom building them. In fact, we have as part of our staff, custom building professionals purely dedicated to doing just that. This includes dings, rust, bent parts or even missing parts. This process is not just done with the exterior of the car but with every aspect of the car. For example, the engine compartment of the car is also restored to its original specifications. Once the body of the vehicle is back to its original factory specifications, any custom work wanted by the owner of the vehicle gets done.



We have recently started doing mechanical work for classic cars ONLY. Come in and inquire for more information on repairs. We offer basic maintenance and tune-up packages for vehicles manufactured in 1979 and older. These historical cars often require replacement parts and skills that are not readily accessible in modern car lots. Don't let an under-qualified mechanic play around with your baby, let us pop the hood and give her the specialized attention that she deserves.

  • Basic Maintenance & Tune-Ups
  • Engine Rebuild
  • Suspension Work
  • Exhaust
  • Carburetors
  • Intake Manifolds
  • Headers

Body Work

We have recently started doing mechanical work for classic cars ONLY. Come in and inquire for more information on repairs. The painting of a vehicle is as important as the restoration of the vehicle. What many people don't realize is that preparing the vehicle to be painted is often more time consuming than painting it. All the layers of paint that have accumulated throughout the years are removed bringing the vehicle to its bare metal. Also all the panels have to be prepared, filled and sanded. The paint process itself is a multi-step process. Many layers have to be applied to the vehicle to make it last a long time, and look new. Here are some of the layers that are applied to all vehicles we restore. The primer is the coating layer that protects the vehicle from corrosion, sunlight, rust, etc It also smoothes out irregularities on the surface of the car or truck. Basecoat is the coating layer that gives color and an aesthetic look. Our base coatings won't fade for many years, keeping the color of your vehicle looking new. The clearcoat is the top coating layer that protects all other layers from the elements. Day after day it withstands acids, sunlight, rain and every beating your vehicle takes. It also gives your car or truck the shine of a new vehicle.


  • Complete Interiors
  • Custom Designed & Built Interiors
  • Custom Metal Fabrication for Body Panels and Missing and/or Damaged Parts and More
  • Custom Metal Fabrication for Dashes, Center Consoles, Body Panels, and More!
  • Custom Paint Schemes & Graphics
  • Custom Wood Working for Interior Accents and Truck Beds
  • Custom Wood Working and Wood Graining for Interior Accents and Truck Beds
  • Historical Preservations of Original Features (HPOF)
  • Media blasting to Remove Old Paint & RUST!
  • Metal Working to Repair Body Panels