2018 Scarecrows

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Canby Smiles -
Mrs. Smiles A Lot
Canby Herald -
Mr Knows It All
Pacific Residential Mortgage -
The Banker
Integrated Eye Center -
Dr. Cornea
Retro Revival -
Retro Steampunk
My Donor Cycle & Surrogacy -
Surromom June
Canby Fire Department -
Fire Chief
Canby Adult Center -
Happy Go Lucky
Canby Ace Hardware -
Mike & Curtis
The Rust Doctor -
Miss Daisy The Dancing Lady
Canby Grove -
Happy Camper
The Canby Garden Club -
Flore Scares-A-Lot
Canby Remax -
Handsome Huck
Country Side Living -
Marilyn The Scarecrow
UPS Store -
Mister Brown
Canby Restore -
Restore Crow
Canby Signs & Graphics -
Sigmund The Scary
Canby Builders -
Better Homes and Gardens -
Betty Garden